Fall 2023 Summary – Amazing!

McLemore in the month of October is absolutely awesome! You must experience it to believe it. Along with McLemore golf course the Highlands. We hope this Fall 2023 summary provides you a small glimpse into what you can experience as the leaves turn colors above the clouds.

Along with a completely sold out golf school calendar, there is a lot more going on at McLemore Resort during the Fall Months than you can imagine.

The People

Have you ever been any where everybody has a smile on their face? Whether the person is a member, guest, or staff, McLemore brings out happiness in us all. How can it not?

Fall 2023 Summary, The Keep Half Way Tent
Participants in the Member Guest Shootout at The Keep gather after the round.

From the first day I was there until the last, there wasn’t a day that went by everyone greeted each other in a genuinely pleasant manner. And truly wanted to know something about you. Everyone’s inquisitiveness stemmed from the fact that we all share the same experience. And we each wanted to provide a nugget to someone else about how they could enhance their experience at McLemore. And everyone was happy to share.

Several individuals complimented me about the video course guide I produced. And how excited it made them feel about playing the golf course. Some people came back after their rounds wondering where the birdies were. They’re all shared their enjoyment of what is arguably one of the more underrated courses in America. And they were ready to go out and play it again.

No matter the reason for being on property, all the people encountered felt truly blessed to be in a very special place. The genuine happiness that each was experiencing was evident.

The Events

During the months of September and October, McLemore hosted quite a few extraordinary events. Within our fall of 2023 summary, we’ll hit the highlights of each one of those events.

Announcing “The Keep”

McLemore’s 2nd golf course will undoubtedly open with much fanfare in August of 2024. And should immediately rank as one of the top 20 courses in North America. From almost every hole, you get a complete view of the golf course. As well as the brow overlooking McLemore Cove. But not too many people get to experience this. Which is why McLemore hosted a shootout September 29th on a golf course

The Keep, Fall 2023 Summary, McLemore Golf School, Duane Horton
Duane Horton and I.V. Whitman inform the crowd gathered for the unveiling of The Keep.

still under construction. Possibly the first time ever an event was held on a golf course that had yet to be completed.

The day began with an announcement. The new course would be called the keep. The name and mark are in honor of the room where any medieval castle stored its kingdom’s most valuable treasures. Duane Horton, CEO of Scenic Land Company, provided a history of the property as well as a glimpse into what the property will offer.

Rees Jones, one of the architects of The Keep, was on hand all day to answer questions and trade stories with the participants.  Bill Bergin, Rees’ partner on the project, joined him remotely from Rome for a press conference later the same day.

From the pavilion at the Highlands course, participants proceeded to a location between the 9th green and 10th tee box of The Keep. This is where the half-way house will be built. And will feature its signature menu item, Lamp Lollipops.  You’ll need to toss your finished lamb chop over the brow for good luck on the back side of the course when you’re there in 2024.

Fall 2023 Summary, Lamp Lollipops, The Keep
What is soon to be the signature menu item at the Half-Way House of The Keep, Lamb Lollipops!

Participants played 9 of the 18 holes within the shootout. Allowing golfers to take rides throughout the property to witness the majesty of The Keep. Not one blade of grass could be found during this event. And no one seemed to mind the collection of dust that accumulated on their golf carts, their clubs, and themselves.

The shootout and the day concluded with snacks and beverages at the pavilion. And a concert by ….., as prizes for the shootout were rewarded.

The Singer/Songwriter Concert Series

Fall 2023 Summary, Marc Broussard, Singer Songwriter Concert Series, McLemore Resort
The crowd listens to Charlie Rymer, Executive Vice President of McLemore as he introduces Marc Broussard October 12, 2023.

The second Tuesday of every month throughout 2023 featured a very special and intimate concert by some of the country’s best songwriters. October featured Marc Broussard, who belted out blues for well over 2 hours in the square.  Mark provided A fitting conclusion to the 2023 concert series. And provided all in attendance a reminder of how special McLemore is to everyone in the world. Not just golfers. The audience was treated to a fantastic meal prior to the concert. While the backdrop of McLemore Cove behind the stage lit up with golden hour sunset hues.

The Special Occasions

Throughout the month, there were countless special occasions being celebrated at McLemore. From weddings to anniversaries. To engagements to Bachelorette parties. As well as friends sharing a moment on the patio of the Creag. Undoubtedly, McLemore provides special occasions with a unique environment.

Every Friday through Sunday as the sun began to set, the regular March of a bagpiper from the bottom of The Cairn to the top of the putting green providing the sounds of the heritage of McLemore Cove. Whether walking into the pro shop, or enjoying a meal inside the Creag, numerous guests and members felt it necessary to absorb the echoes of the pipes. And imagine themselves in a far distant place.

There were also special occasions centered around golf. The final couples event held October 29th featured quite a few uniquely dressed golfers, celebrating Halloween a couple days early. You could have said hello to Ken and Barbie. Or, you could have clicked your heels 3 times with Glinda the Good Witch of the South. Everyone’s favorite characters were there, with or without costumes.

Another special occasion was the arrival of sod at The Keep. Grassing began October 23rd. Transforming Holes 7-11 into what Bergin and Jones envisioned.  The comparative photos of less than a month show the simplistic brilliance of both Bill and Rees. While showcasing the entire environment The Keep is surrounded by.

Fall 2023 Summary, The Keep, #9 Comparison, McLemore Golf School
To the left, #9 at The Keep and the opening shot at the “Member Shootout September 29, 2023. To the right, approximately the same vantage point on the same hole. How grass makes a visual difference!

Finally, a cloud inversion. If you’re lucky enough to wake up early in the morning as rain begins to move away from Lookout Mountain, you may get a firsthand glimpse of the ocean of clouds. It does not happen often. But when it does happen, it’s an occasion for you to celebrate while at the same time reflect. Celebrating a mountainous course can actually look as if it’s next to the ocean. While at the same time reflecting the meteorological phenomenon that provides this rare special occasion. Take a look for yourself at how awesome this occasion can be, along McLemore Highlands Course, by clicking here.

Fall 2023 Summary of The Vistas

You can’t write a fall 2023 summary of what McLemore is about without featuring the vistas the property provides.

The beginning of October shows hints of color throughout the property of McLemore. Due to a very dry summer, the daily evolution of color was somewhat slow to materialize. But by the end of the month, the trees were 70 to 80% in color. And no matter where on property you might have been, you are treated to the wonders of nature the changing of seasons provides us.

The two most obvious points to witness this evolution are on the 2nd tee box. And obviously along the award-winning 18th hole of the Highlands course. The 2nd tee box offers an elevated view of four different holes. That all seemed to merge you know unique natural Amphitheater where a quiet pond amplifies the colors. Catch the 18th hole at sunrise, and the world lights up! As we’re getting closer to daylight savings time change back to standard, you didn’t have to get up too early to catch this magnificent view of the 10th best finishing hole in all the world.

Fall 2023 Summary, #18 McLemore Highlands Course, McLemore Golf School
#18 Captured September 24, 2023. Notice how green the trees. And warmth of the glow off the turf.
Fall 2023 Summary, McLemore Golf School, McLemore Resort, Highlands Course, The Keep, The Creag, The Cairn
#18 Captured October 26, 2023. Wow what a difference a month makes.

Other unique points within the confines of McLemore to experience the changing of colors include the rock formation behind the pavilion. It overlooks the 18th green eastward. #1 tee box offers another elevated view of the opening hole. As well as The Cloudland, a Curio Collection Hotel by Hilton, opening March 1 of 2024. Also worth mentioning is the cart path ride to 14 green. While not as spectacular as some of the other vistas, this westerly view at sunset provides a unique perspective of exactly where you are in the world. And when the retail center of McLemore opens on the western bluff in 2024, it is sure to offer even more spectacular sunset vistas.

Fall 2023 Summary

Hopefully this Fall 2023 Summary is helpful to you to understand what you too can experience at McLemore Resort during the fall. Make plans now to visit McLemore next fall. Its location atop Lookout Mountain, Georgia makes it easily accessible to many of the major metro areas of the southeast. But more importantly offers a time capsule of the simple and more enjoyable times that surround you.

If you’re planning to attend a private golf school or a group golf school in the Fall of 204, you better make your reservations now!  Group golf school dates will soon be announced. And private 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 golf school programs can be scheduled for dates that are convenient for your schedule.

Fall is a very special time and place at McLemore. It’s a time that marks the changing of the seasons. While providing a milestone of remembrances of the past 9 to 10 months. It’s also a time to cleanse your soul and mind as you prepare for the last two months of each year. The serenity and deafening quiet of the property provide the backdrop for you to recharge your batteries and finish the year strong.

In the coming months and years, McLemore Resort is going to provide more people with an opportunity to experience what life above the clouds is all about. It will not only be about the McLemore Highlands Course.  It will be about Cloudland, The Keep, the Concerts, the special events and occasions. And about you creating lasting memories at McLemore Resort.