John’s Visit To McLemore Golf Course

I recently had the opportunity to visit McLemore to start preparing for the 2024 golf season. And how the McLemore Golf School will be ready for you when you make your reservations to visit us this season. I must say. The McLemore golf course is waiting and ready for you!

Considering the wet weather that McLemore has experienced over the winter, the golf course was in fantastic shape! The greens are rolling as good as they do during prime season. The overseeded fairway and tees are well kept providing you with a great playing surface. While respecting the fact that the Bermuda grass will come out of dormancy soon.

Here are some details of the trip I took to McLemore. And some of the preparations that are underway to make your experience there a memorable one.


My wife and I were thoroughly impressed with Cloudland! It’s an outstanding hotel property that is sure to get receive of accolades over the coming years. We were most impressed with the genuine warmth and friendliness of the staff.

At first glance, the nuance of the hotel feels masculine. But as you spend more time touring the property, you’ll come to realize Cloudland is for women too, offering a well-balanced design that caters to many different audiences. It won’t matter if you’re visiting Cloudland to play golf, to take part in a wedding, or participate in a corporate event. You’ll find Cloudland to be an extremely peaceful and serene location to enjoy a wonderful relaxing time.

Cloudland, McLemore Resort, McLemore Golf School, McLemore Golf Course

Obviously, the golfers who reserve a McLemore Golf School are going to thoroughly enjoy Cloudland’s location. Comfortably settled close to the first tee of the Highlands Golf Course, you’re walking distance to the main pro shop, the practice facility, and The Creag.

For the guests of Cloudland who are visiting for another reason, you’re find its proximity to hiking trails, state parks, and other activities is extremely convenient. Your ability to valet park every day and access main thoroughfares is quick and easy. Cloudland’s concierge service can make reservations for you at many of the amenities you plan to visit.

My wife and I did not have a lot of time at Cloudland but we did enjoy The Pocket. Each morning having coffee overlooking McLemore Cove made getting up early well worth it.

Cloudland, The Pocket, McLemore Golf School, McLemore Golf Course

The McLemore Golf Course – Highlands

As previously mentioned, the Highlands Golf Course is the current McLemore Golf Course and is in fantastic condition, considering it was the middle of March, and over 4 inches of rain fell the previous 48 hours. You can tell that Ryan Emerson and the maintenance staff have kept constant watch over the golf course’s ability to test your skills. While at the same time maintaining fantastic conditions. As the sun finally came out the last day of our short trip to McLemore, we witnessed plenty of golfers taking advantage of a late winter day, playing a Top 100 Golf Course.

The Keep

The Keep, Bill Bergen’s and Rees Jones’ most recent masterpiece, is on schedule for a late summer opening. Due to the rain, spreading the remainder of the Stadium Zoysia turf is a bit delayed. But the sod that was laid in early fall is healthy and awaiting your divots.

The practice facility is taking shape. The entrance road is being carved. And foundations and footers for all the structures are surveyed and awaiting pouring. The Keep is sure to be the best new Golf Course of 2024, anywhere in North America.

Preparations for Your Visit to McLemore Resort

Me and the staff of McLemore are now in final preparations for you to participate in a McLemore Golf School. Qualified staff are training to assist with the 3-to-1 group golf schools, scheduled each weekend, beginning May 10th. We also have clinics scheduled that coincide with the McLemore Singer-Songwriter concert series. We’ll be announcing those dates in April.

The Top Tracer practice facility is fully operable and ready to track your shots. Combined with the 6-hole short course, The Cairn, your McLemore Golf School experience will be the most unique and memorable golf learning environment you’ll ever visit.

In April, we’ll be providing a promotion to entice your participation in a McLemore Golf School. It will include some add-on amenities offered by no other golf school. Please keep checking back for more details. And be sure to sign up to become part of our mailing list. Being part of our mailing list will provide you a first opportunity to secure the April promotion as well as others as we offer in the future.