7 Reasons Why You Should Choose McLemore Golf School at the McLemore Golf Club

Are you ready to take your game to the next level in the luxurious setting of McLemore Golf Club? Then look no further than McLemore Golf School! Spaces for group and individual programs are filling fast. You’ll want to secure your spot and get ready for an unforgettable golf experience.

Imagine This

Picture yourself teeing off on the award-winning Highlands Course at McLemore Resort, a golfers’ paradise. Lush greenery, rolling hills, and challenging yet rewarding holes await. But that’s not all! Throughout your stay, you’ll receive personalized instruction from our PGA-recognized coaches, ensuring your swing reaches its full potential.

What Makes McLemore Golf School Special

There are plenty of choices of golf schools around the country you can choose from. What distinguishes McLemore Golf School from the others are several factors. Each unique to McLemore Resort. And a couple reasons you can find nowhere else.

  1. Expert Instruction – Learn from the best! Our coaches hold many distinct credentials and have many years of coaching experience. They are thoroughly trained and annually certified to analyze your game using the most state-of-the-art technology. And focus upon one thing, identifying the causes of what you believe to be the problem areas of your golf game. And then creating a personalized improvement plan that cures those causes vs placing a band aid over them. This provides you with a take home improvement plan that caters to your goals and improvement needs. And will immediately lead to more enjoyment of the game you love. As well as lower scores.
  2. An Immersive Experience – It’s not just about what you do at the practice facility each day. It’s about learning to play better and to employ the newfound skills you create while at McLemore Golf School. Each afternoon, you and your coach will put your skills to the test with 9-holes of on-course instruction on the award-winning Highlands Course. You’ll experience how to use your current skills better. And understand what makes all golf courses difficult. Not to mention having the ability to play the #10 ranked finishing hole in all the world!
  3. Luxurious Accommodations – Relax and unwind in style at Cloudland at McLemore Resort. Comfortable accommodation and first-rate amenities ensure a truly luxurious getaway. Convenient to all the golf facilities and the magnificent views of McLemore Cove.
  4. All-Inclusive Convenience – Speaking of convenience, once at McLemore, all your creature comforts are well taken care of so you can focus upon your game. McLemore Golf School has everything covered! Your McLemore experience includes instruction, green fees, meals, and comfortable lodging.
  5. Breathtaking Setting: Nestled in the heart of the stunning Appalachian Mountains, McLemore offers a golfing experience unlike any other. Picture yourself teeing off against a backdrop of rolling hills and lush forests, with crisp mountain air filling your lungs and a sense of tranquility washing over you. It happens every day at McLemore Resort. And you can be a part of that scene.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Beyond the instruction itself, McLemore Golf School provides a unique opportunity to connect with fellow golf enthusiasts from around the world. That enjoy the same things you do. Forge new friendships, share tips and strategies, and immerse yourself in the camaraderie of the golfing community.
  7. Limited Spots Available: McLemore Golf School is not a manufacturing plant of golfers.  Quite the opposite.  We believe in quality first, limiting the availability of our programs to formats of 1-to-1 with a coach. Or in small groups of 3 for our weekend get away golf schools. Don’t miss your chance! With personalized attention and a focus on small groups, spaces fill up quickly.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Game?

Here’s the best part. From now through May 30, 2024, you can receive a 10% discount on a 2-day golf school, 15% off for a 3-day golf school. And 10% of instruction when you book a group golf school.

Hurry, bookings are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Don’t wait! 

Contact McLemore Resort today at 706-406-8162 or McLemoreGolfSchool@gmail.com and secure your spot at McLemore Golf School. This exclusive opportunity won’t last long!

Don’t Miss Out! Book Your Dream Golf Getaway at McLemore Golf School!