Instantly Improve Your Golf Skills while Experiencing one of Several Resort Golf Coaching Programs at McLemore Resort

While experiencing a McLemore golf vacation, there’s plenty of opportunity to improve your golf skills while experiencing the award-winning property. McLemore Golf School offers multiple Resort Golf Coaching programs to meet all out guests improvement needs. And so all can play their best golf while at McLemore Resort!

Sometimes there’s not enough time to schedule a half or a full-day golf school.  Your schedule is too packed with a lot of other events and happenings, besides playing golf.  Playing golf always seems to be the primary focus of a golf vacation. Along with other special events and happenings associated with the golf courses or location you choose.

But what about if your game goes south while on a golf vacation? What if your game hits rock bottom and you need a golf tip or 2 to get you back on track? It is those instances and others that McLemore Golf School offers more than just golf schools. We offer several Resort Golf Coaching Program options to fit your schedule.

Why a Resort Golf Coaching Programs?

Unlike our Private or Group Golf Schools, Resort Golf Coaching Programs offer the short term guests of Cloudland at McLemore Resort and the the Stay and Play guest of an opportunity to get a quick but sustainable improvement experience. Resort Golf Coaching Programs can be scheduled by contacting McLemore Golf School, contacting the pro shop or concierge.

While visiting McLemore Resort, you should consider these traditional as well as unique programs McLemore Golf School offers the guests of Cloudland at McLemore. As well as the guests of McLemore Rentals Stay and Play properties.

Our Instructors

All our instructors are highly experienced and qualified PGA of American Professional.

Our Director of Instruction is John Hughes, a PGA Master Professional of Instruction. John is the former National Director of Instruction for the renowned Golf Digest Schools. He is a Best In State Instructor, as ranked by Golf Digest Schools. He is also perennially ranked by Golf Tips Magazine as one of their Top 25 Instructors. As a 2-time Teacher/Coach of the Year in the North Florida Section of the PGA, and a recipient of the 2013 PGA of America’s Professional Development Award, John brings a 35+ year career or knowledge and experience to the McLemore Golf School as its leader and our most senior instructor.

Private Lessons

What is a quality Resort Golf Coaching Programs without the traditional 1-hour lesson?

This is the traditional 1-to-1 hour of “get me back on track” instruction. Typically, it is 1 major item holding you back, particularly with how you set up to make your swing, that is holding you back. A private lesson from our Director of Instruction or one of our staff instructor should do the trick to get you playing Better so you can have fun while at McLemore Resort.  

Private Lessons at McLemore Golf School include the use of video and our TopTracer Range Technology.  Using it can allow you to keep in touch with your McLemore Golf School instructor.

Rates for 1-hour Private Lessons vary based upon the instructor you choose.

On Course Lessons

Most Resort Golf Coaching Programs include your ability to experience how you can experience real improvement on the course. McLemore Golf School is no different. Based upon availability of golf course and instructor, you can choose the number of holes you’d like to play on The Highlands Course when you experience on-course coaching. 

Choose between 4, 9, or 18-holes of golf with a coach along for the ride. Your chosen coach will assist you with playing better with the skills you already have.  And probably provide you with a few new thoughts and skills to help you play better in the future.

Rates for On Course Lessons vary based upon the number of holes you choose the instructor you choose, as well as the date and time you want to experience your On Course Golf Lesson.

Family Lessons 

Often, families go on a golf vacation and wonder what else is there to do?  Why not take a Family Golf Lesson? Our Resort Golf Coaching Programs provides you an option for the whole family ti learn and have fun.

At McLemore, a family golf lesson can include between 3 and 6 family members. Or golfers who you consider “family”.  It’s a 45-minute journey where you get to choose the skill you want to improve as a group.  Rates for this program will vary based upon how many “family members” participate as well as which instructor you choose.

Club Fitting

Okay, your driver shaft breaks.  Or you “accidentally” lost your wedge. No problem. Why not schedule a Club Fitting Session with one of our Callaway Certified Fitters to replace that lost or damaged piece of equipment? Within our Resort Golf Coaching Programs is your ability to get fit and put the right equipment in your bag.

Club Fitting Sessions start are between $75-$100.  If what we fit you in we have in stock, you it’s yours for the taking.  If not, we’ll special order the club(s) for drop shipping to your home or office. A portion of your club fitting session fee is applied to your club(s) purchase.

Supervised Practices 

Okay, your spouse decides to spend half the day at Selah Spa and you have time to burn.  So you wander up to the TopTracer Range at McLemore Resort to practice.  Why not experience “Supervised Practice” to insure you’re not wasting your time just hitting balls? A unique and often overlooked aspect of golf is knowing how to practice. Which is why Supervised Practice is a menu option of our Resort Golf Coaching Programs.

Supervised Practice is scheduled throughout the week from 4pm-6pm. Practice on your own with one of McLemore Golf School Instructors or a qualified member of the Pro Shop Staff being present to provide quick tips and thoughts to improve your skills. 


There’s a lot more to do at while experiencing McLemore Golf than just a golf school.  Our Resort Golf Coaching Programs provide all golfers an opportunity to improve your skills in a fun way. Allow the McLemore Golf School staff to show you how you can improve your skills while visiting our award-winning resort property. 

As a reminder, space is limited so you’ll want to reserve your traditional or unique golf coaching program ahead of your visit. Contact McLemore Golf School to find out more about our Resort Golf Coaching Programs. Or while on property, schedule your Resort Golf Coaching Program through the concierge or the pro shop. Or contact our offices to receive more information and to schedule your resort golf coaching program today.