Refund and Weather Policies

Weather/Postponement/Cancellation Policy

From time-to-time weather can interrupt the best of plans.  It is our intention to deliver all programming regardless of the date or situation, unless there is a dangerous situation that prohibits us from doing so. 

This policy will serve as yours and our guideline should weather conditions or any other condition beyond our control prevent us from delivering any part or your entire Golf School program.

Lightning – All Instructors have mobile apps to detect lightning.  If lightning is detected within 10-miles of our golf school location, all program activities will come to an immediate stop.  And all golfers and instructors will seek necessary shelter until conditions are deemed safe again to proceed.  Any breach of this procedure by a golf school client will not be tolerated.  Should lightning happen when you’re on the course without us, we highly recommend you follow this procedure for your own safety.

Rain – We can tolerate the rain if you can.  If you choose to stop participating due to rain, that’s your choice.  But we will continue to perform the program until the majority of golf school clients feel the rain is interfering with their learning experience.  There is no compensation or alteration of programming we can provide you if you choose to individually stop your program.  Should we stop the program because the majority feels it necessary, the policies below will take effect. 

Postponement – Should any part of your Golf School be postponed due to conditions beyond our control, the following guidelines are used to determine any compensation to you our client.

  • Use of the Afternoon – If we need to postpone any portion of your golf school program, our first option is to postpone to the afternoon of the same day the postponement occurs.  Should this happen, we will resume the Golf School program at the point where weather conditions postponed the program. Or, adjust the program as necessary to accommodate client/golf course variables. Any portion of any 18-hole round of golf included within a Golf School program you can not complete will be provided back to you in the form of a rain check from McLemore Resort, with restrictions applying.
  • Use of Next Day – If we need to postpone any portion of your Golf School program to the next day, we have several options available.  We will apply the option the majority of the golfers within your program prefers.  We can:
    • Start earlier the next day to make up the portion missed.
    • Work through Lunch – Opting out of going to lunch to make up for the postponed time.  If this option is chosen, we’ll get your orders for lunch and have your lunch boxed and waiting for you when you arrive for your tee time.
    • Schedule your Tee Time later in the afternoon to accommodate the portion of the program that is postponed.


  • Cancellation of actual Instruction portion of program– Should any portion of your instruction program be cancelled, McLemore Golf School will provide you a voucher to come back to a future program to complete the portion of your program that was cancelled.
  • Cancellation of Golf Rounds – you’ll be issued rain checks by McLemore Resort for any portions of the rounds of golf included within your program that are cancelled.

Refunds – Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis with no refunds guaranteed. Please see Terms and Conditions page of website for details.

McLemore Golf School Terms and Restrictions

  • Pricing and rates of McLemore Golf School programs vary based the program purchased, amount of days purchased, instructor, and any ala carte services added by the golfer to the standard Golf School programs descriptions within
  • Availability of dates, programs, instructors, and other inclusions subject to change without notice.
  • Should you need to change or postpone a Golf School Program you purchased, a minimum of 10-days advanced notice is required. Failure to provide notice or not showing up for a program will constitute forfeiture of your entire Golf School program purchase, plus subject to any cancellation fees experienced by
  • Should you need to cancel you Golf School program for any reason, the following terms do apply:
    • Cancellation 30-days before arrival of program or hotel stay – full refund minus 5% service fees
    • Cancellation between 15-29 days prior to arrival of program or hotel stay – 25% refund minus 5% service fees
    • Cancellation 3-14 days prior to arrival of program or hotel stay – 50% refund minus 5% service fees
    • Cancellation inside of 3 days prior to arrival of program or hotel stay – no refund
  • If a Gift Certificate is purchased, it can not be redeemed for cash. And must be redeemed for the program stated on the Gift Certificate.
  • Gift Certificates of monetary value can be redeemed for any McLemore Golf School program at its face value.
  • Gift Certificates are transferable, without additional cost, but must be approved by McLemore Golf School prior to transfer.
  • Gift Certificates may not be resold online through a 3rd party.
  • Gift Certificates have no expiration date, as per Florida Statue 501.95.
  • Terms and restrictions subject to change without notice.