John Hughes Golf Expands Fall Mclemore School Dates


Following several highly successful events and very positive word-of-mouth reviews by participants, John Hughes Golf has decided to expand its available dates for the popular McLemore golf school event. The upcoming fall McLemore event will take place between September 24 and October 30 of 2023, and students can reserve spots that meet their desired time frame, group size, and skills focus. John Hughes and the other instructors at John Hughes Golf look forward to welcoming new and returning students to the incredible scenery and award-winning golf courses of McLemore’s northern Georgia setting.

For Immediate Release:

The partnership between John Hughes Golf, headquartered in central Florida, and McLemore Golf Club, nestled in the mountains of northern Georgia, has deep roots and has proven to be one of John Hughes Golf’s most popular special events. Borne out of company president John Hughes’ love for this one-of-a-kind golf destination and his desire to share it with his students, the most recent iteration of the golf school event ended just a few weeks ago in June 2023.

Due to the spring event’s great success, with dozens of golfers building their skills on the Highland Course and the Creag, McLemore’s national and international award-winning courses, John Hughes made the decision to expand the dates of the fall 2023 event in order to accommodate as many participants as possible. As of publication, 50% of the September/October dates are already reserved, and the President and CEO of the organization urges potential students to act quickly to select their dates and reserve their slots at McLemore.

The fall 2023 event takes place during what is McLemore’s most popular golf season, for very good reason. Not only is the mountain climate ideal for comfortable golfing during these weeks, but the fall foliage is incomparable. Visitors to McLemore agree that it is difficult to picture a more breathtaking setting than the vivid fall leaves, scenic rock outcroppings, and the valley stretched out below. The relaxing, beautiful environment creates even more reason for students to attend the John Hughes Golf event, along with the resort’s luxurious accommodations, dining, spa, and other activities.

As with their central Florida golf events, John Hughes Golf offers great flexibility in its McLemore education opportunities. Every golfer is at a different stage in their development and desires to improve different skills, and John offers a wide variety of arrangements to help each student make the progress he or she is focused on. Some golfers opt for one or more one-on-one half-day coaching sessions, spending the rest of their time at McLemore exploring the course. Other students attend as a group, learning together over the course of several days under John Hughes Golf’s expert and nationally recognized instruction.

To learn more information about the McLemore golf schools, potential students can view an introductory video here. The online headquarters for this particular event is, and registrants can reserve their spots by calling 407-852-8547 or emailing John Hughes at